Posted on March 5, 2012 by

Graphic Artist Paints Palm Fronds as Fish

Everyday we receive hundreds of emails from fisherman across the world telling us how much they love our site, and how they share our passion for fishing and the great outdoors. But now and then we get an email so exciting that we simply have to share it with you, and this is one of those emails.

I am a Graphic Artist at NASA Johnson Space Center and I love to fish and I love art. I have to draw what the Astronauts want me to draw all day long but when I get home, I paint what I want. I just started painting these Palm Fronds that I find all over Galveston Island and thought y’all might want to see them. It might give your readers something to do when the weather isn’t good for fishing. The canvas is free and it beats filling up the land fill with Palm Fronds. Just doing my part to recycle.