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Survival Straps – First Impressions

Survival Straps are bracelets made from several feet of military spec paracord featuring a precision machined stainless steel clasp. They’re not only stylish, but they’re also quite useful to have in case of an emergency. Simply unravel the strap to deploy it and you should have several feet of super strong paracord to help you out of a jam. You can even send your story and photos to Survival Straps and if they republish your story on their site they’ll even replace your strap free of charge! They’re available in several different styles, and something like 50,000 different color combinations!

Now I’m honestly not the type of person to wear jewelry of any kind, other than maybe a sick custom-made Fishing Fury chain from Clay Candy Shack (I wish!). I do however make exceptions for things that are dual purpose, like the bottle opener ring, not that I own or wear one . Since the Survival Strap also falls under this dual purpose category I jumped at the chance to review them when I was contacted and given the opportunity.

The greatest part is they sent me a few different models and colours so we’ll be giving away several Survival Straps in up coming contests. Don’t forget to register for our blog and follow us on Twitter to receive updates on new posts!

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