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Tongue Eating Fish Parasite Makes Another Appearance

We’ve covered the tongue eating fish parasite (Cymothoa Exigua) before and it’s safe to say we all agree it’s pretty gross looking. But how would you feel if you found this parasite it in your dinner. Hope this post (and many more like it) doesn’t ruin your breakfast.

Louwell Ogbinar of Calgary, Alberta sent me these photos of a Cymothoa Exigua parasite he and his wife found in a frozen mackerel they purchased from their local grocery store. The mackerel was labelled as a product of India and distributed by a local company here in Canada. Obviously concerned by the presence of parasites in their food Louwell contacted the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CIFA) to see if this was considered a product defect covered under food standards.

“The parasite, Cymothoa exigua, is not included in Chapter 3, Standard 3 General Fresh & Frozen Finfish Product Standard.
The parasites included in the Standard are nematods (roundworms) and copepods (small crustaceans). Copepods fall under the Class: Maxillopoda Cymothoa exigua is a parasitic crustacean which falls under the Class: Malacostraca. Cymothoa exigua parasites are not a health and safety issue, only an esthetic concern.” – CIFA

So the parasite is not considered a health and safety issue by the CIFA, but a quality assurance issue for the original company. Either way it’s still not something I hope to find in my food and I’m sure Louwell feels the same.

Louwell, thanks for sending us these photos and the health and safety information! Everyone else continue reading for more photos.