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KokeMachine Wants You To Win a Fishing Butler

The Fishing Butler embodies the “damn, I wish I thought of that” market. Simply put it’s an elastic band with a locking system that allows you to bind all kinds of things together, like two piece fishing rods, or even multiple fishing rods. The Fishing Butler’s lock-on and secure pretty much anything you put them on, they do the job they are designed to do, and they do it perfectly. The review is a little short and to the point, but so is the Fishing Butler.

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That’s not all! To celebrate KokeMachine‘s first review on Fishing Fury, we’re also going to allow him to give away three free Fishing Butlers! This is a trivia contest, so the first thing you might want to do is brush up on your 4 Eel Fishing episodes like the one at the end of this post. It really helps if you read these in the KokeMachine voice.

  • Name the Toronto park where the Kokemachine was fishing in episode 2.
  • In episode 3 of 4 Eel fishing what is the name of the man who is referred to as a “possible man baby”?
  • In episode 5 of 4 eel fishing what creature did the Kokemachine and crew witness swimming across Red Cedar lake?

You can only win one prize per person, so please don’t try to answer all three.