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Fishing’s Most Important Tool

A high-end fishing rod, the most freshest bait, and a hot fishing spot will all help you catch the daily limit. It’s just as important, however, to equip yourself with the most effective fishing accessories, including the very best polarized sunglasses. Polarized lenses work by realigning incoming horizontal light and minimizing light scatter, resulting in reduced or eliminated glare and enhanced contrast.

Reduced glare is especially important for fishermen who spend all day on the water, which is notorious for creating blinding glare. What’s perhaps more important to anglers is that polarized lenses help them to see below the surface of the water in order to sight not only fish but also any overgrowth of aquatic plants, coral formations, nets, or any other obstacles on which you could snag your hook and lose bait or an expensive lure. You will definitely have an edge over other fishermen when you wear sunglasses with polarized lenses because you are going to be able to see where the fish are located and better read the underwater terrain.

Like rods and reels, not all lenses are equal, but in both cases a quality product can make for a very good investment. It’s important to evaluate a wide variety of different sunglasses so that you can find the ones that are best suited to your fishing style. Costa Del Mar is a brand that produces polarized lenses for nearly any fishing environment. Costa’s polarized amber lenses are ideal for sight fishing, and the tan / copper polarized lenses are perfect for sight fishing in low-light conditions, like at dawn or dusk. Costa Del Mar even makes lenses that are specific for different fishing disciplines. For instance, Costa’s Green Mirror lenses are made for fishing inshore, along flats, and in rivers and streams. Costa Del Mar’s blue mirror lens is engineered for use on the open water; it delivers maximum contrast and color in full sunlight while providing 100% UV protection and eliminating glare. Costa Del Mar complements its specialized lenses with rugged frame materials that can stand up to both fresh and salt water without corroding. Costa’s Hydroliteâ„¢ material increases its comfortable grip when it’s exposed to perspiration, so the frames will stay securely on your face even when you’re fighting to reel in a stubborn sailfish or a thrashing trout.

Maui Jim and Oakley also offer frames with polarized lenses that are made specifically with anglers in mind. Maui Jim’s Polarized Plus®2 technology provides the contrast and clarity that makes colors incredibly bold and crisp, and it instantly eliminates glare, so you will be able to enjoy the beauty of the water and see the past the surface to find where the fish are hiding. Oakley is a brand that is synonymous with performance, and its angler-specific lenses are no exception. Oakley’s Deep Blue Polarized lenses are designed to cut out harsh glare in a dominantly blue environment, like the open ocean. The Shallow Blue Polarized lens knocks down glare in shallow water, which improves your depth perception and enhances your ability to sight fish. These two angler-specific lenses are available in over ten of Oakley’s best selling frames, including Hijinx, Bottle Rocket, Straight Jacket, and Flak Jacket XLJ.

There are several premium sunglass brands that offer angler-specific polarized lenses, but it is up to you to decide which ones best suit your needs. Deep sea fishing, river fishing, early morning fishing, and inland fishing all require different colored lenses to work best for you; however, it’s polarized lenses that truly allow you to do your best fishing.