Posted on September 24, 2012 by

Welcome to Heartbreak

I had high hopes of coming back from my trip this weekend with an entry for the Zazzy Pop big fish contest, and while I did catch a number of large bass, none of them were on my Zazzy Pop lures. In fact early in to the trip I was shore fishing with my fly rod and slipped on a big rock. The resulting fall didn’t hurt, but the impact snapped my 8-12 Loop Evotech CLW reel right off the reel seat! Luckily my Pike Booster rod was fine.

I was pretty upset when it happened, especially since I’ve been so happy with the performance of the CLW up until now. I don’t expect it to survive a drop with nearly two hundred pounds of force coming down on it and I think that even a metal reel would have suffered damage in this case. Never-the-less I’ve even emailed Loop to see if there is anything they can do though I don’t have very high expectations since the CLW’s have been replaced by the XACT. In the meantime I’ve ordered a MULTi 6-9 from Outdoor Sport Canada that should hopefully get here before friday and I can get back to slinging Zazzy Pops!

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