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Reel Adrenaline – Energy Drinks For Fishermen

I’m sure most of you are wondering what makes these energy drinks different than non-fisherman energy drinks. The fact is, they are completely different. These cans have pictures of fish on them! Fish!

REEL ADRENALINE Energy Drinks are a fishermen’s best friend. They wake you up in the morning, and keep you alert late into the day, helping you attain the extra edge needed to land your team’s tournament winner or your fish of a lifetime! While hunting your favorite gamefish you deserve to be at the top of your sport, and REEL ADRENALINE helps keep you there.
When on the water REEL ADRENALINE Energy Drinks and Energy Shots increase awareness and alertness, enhance bite response times, increases rigging performance, heightens spread vigilance, improves morale between bites, stimulates metabolism (Who knew? A side benefit!)

Reel Adrenaline via MoldyChum