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Lake Erie Smallmouth Bass Fishing

Last Saturday Martin gave me a call and asked if I wanted to go out fishing again, and even though the weather forecast was nothing but wind and rain I still couldn’t turn down the opportunity. I made sure to dress appropriately with plenty of rain gear (my RedRam thermals and STORMR jacket were invaluable this trip) and a fresh change of clothes. We met up with Chris Jarrett and Landon Wieske at Port Dalhousie where we launched at about 7:30AM. Inside the bay the chop was manageable and within 10 minutes we were at our first stop. We tossed out the drift sock and drifted dropshots up and down a large reef at about 20-foot depths in the pouring rain for about two hours. We caught 3 keepers over 2 pounds before deciding to head further up the shoreline to one of the spots Martin had marked before on his GPS. The trip was very long, fighting the wind and the chop the whole way was difficult enough. There were moments where I swear we hadn’t moved in minutes and it probably took us almost an hour to travel only a few kilometers. We arrived cold and wet, but none of that mattered after a double-header of 3-pounders and Martin’s 5 pound 4 oz beast (the largest fish of the day). We had planned on meeting up with Chris and Landon before leaving, but the ride back to the harbour left Martin and I soaked to the bone and we were forced to pack up and leave. Apparently, we had passed the other boat several times but visibility was so poor we never saw them. Luckily everyone survived and had a great time!