Posted on November 8, 2012 by

Fallin’ for the Miss

The Bassassins are back again with another video fishing the mighty Mississippi river right here in Ontario.

“Fallin for the Miss” is showcasing sport fishing on the Mississippi River in Ontario. We are truly blessed to have such fantastic fishery right at our doorstep. This clip features the usual suspects that are to be caught this time a year. The smallmouth bass are gaining girth and feeding aggressively, the Walleye really seem to enjoy the cooler days of fall too, and pike are lurking around every corner all year long. Autumn is a wicked time to be out and about, not just to awe the breath taking spectacle when the trees are changing colour, also the cool and crisp mornings and noons are very much welcome after a hot, hot summer. The fishing seems to go in to overdrive as everything is preparing for the coming winter.

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