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Suncloud Polarized Optics – First Impressions

We’ve discussed previously how polarized sunglasses are fishing’s most important tool. But how do you find the best pair for the best price? Well hopefully we can help take some of the guess-work out of that for you with a series of reviews on some popular polarized glasses on the market today.

Suncloud Polarized Optics pair quality polarized lenses with modern frames at a competitive price. We received two pairs of glasses, Impulse (men’s) and Cookie (women’s). Both pair sell for $49.99, feature polarized polycarbonate lenses, injection molded frames, and come with a combination storage bag/microfiber cleaning cloth.

So far I’m very impressed. The frames are stylish and comfortable, even on my large cranium, the brown lenses are perfect on overcast and sunny days, and the combination storage bag/cleaning cloth is a fantastic accessory for any pair of glasses.

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