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Dizm Eyewear Eco Collection – First Impressions

Dizm Eyewear says they’re in the business of “creating goods that target the needs of active, style conscious, and environmentally concerned citizens worldwide.” That’s a pretty bold statement when you think about it, but then again, sunglasses are all about bold statements these days.

The pair pictured here are the ECO Dempsey ($109.95) in black seaweed, with smoke polarized lenses and stylish frames made from 100% renewable and biodegradable materials. They also come complete with a nice soft carrying case that doubles as a cleaning cloth. So far the glasses look and feel great, they’re stylish and comfortable, even on my larger than average head. We also received a second pair in white, which Clive has taken for what he calls “overseas style testing” (picture after the break, and follow us on twitter for more).

If for some reason you’ve set a hard limit of $100 dollars on sunglasses you can also find many of the same frames available in a cheaper (non-biodegradable) injection molded versions ranging from 70-100 dollars.