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Maui Jim Polarized Sunglasses – First Impressions

Maui Jim is a name that should be instantly recognizable among fishermen and aquatic enthusiasts here in North America where the brand is well-known for their high-quality and attention to detail. Though their glasses may carry a premium price tag, fans of their brand will tell you they’re worth every penny.

This pair of Maui Jim Stingray ($219 USD/$249 CDN) were given to me as a gift and they should give us a perfect “high-end” model for our upcoming reviews and roundup of several brands of polarized sunglasses. The attention to detail on everything is impeccable and the unboxing was like a Russian nesting doll of treats taking you closer and closer to the treasured core, even the box shows how much care and thought is put in to this product.

The glasses come with a beautifully patterned soft case, which also doubles as a microfiber cleaning cloth, as well as a tough hard case complete with the Maui Jim badge sewn right on. The glasses are a little heavier than most my other pairs, giving them a feeling of quality and significance over other sunglasses. My first impressions are all off the charts, with the exception of fit however. I think my head is a little too wide for this pair and I can feel the frames pressing against my temples. Considering the $200+ price tag you really do get all the bells and whistles to store and protect your investment. More photos after the break!