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Grower’s Cup Reviewed!

Grower’s Cup is a micro roasted specialty coffee in a creatively designed brew packaging. This disposable hybrid packaging is said to be somewhere between a traditional filter dripmaker and a french press. To brew you simply add boiling water right to the pouch, wait a few minutes, and pour out your coffee through the built-in spout. It sounds like a great way to enjoy a cup of non-instant coffee on the trail or while camping so naturally I was very excited to test them.

There are several factors to creating the perfect cup of coffee. Of course you’ll want to use the freshest possible coffee grounds, but water quality, water temperature, grind size, and brew time all have a huge impact on the end result. On the backside of each Grower’s Cup package you’ll find some information about the coffee inside, instructions on how to brew, the best before date and the pack date. This is the date when your coffee was ground and packaged, the closer this date is to the date you make your coffee the better, though the best before date suggest a shelf life just over one year.

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