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Mike Savlin – Vanishing Native

We are definitely big fans of the incredible artwork of Mike Savlen. His latest piece, “Vanishing Native” is one of my favorites and is available as part of a limited run.

Steelhead Fly Fishing Expressionist Fine art print by renowned Fly fishing & Sport Fishing artist Savlen. This piece was painted in an effort to help the Wild Steelhead Coalition raise awareness about the declining numbers of wild steelhead returning to our watersheds each year. Although initially I thought about painting a strong broadside composition of one of the most beautiful, powerful and challenging fish anglers pursue, I decided it simply wouldn’t say anything about their fragile situation. So after going through a lot of compositions and much contemplation I decided instead to take a minimalist approach, focusing on just the impression of this powerful fish fading into the background and unfortunately if left unchecked, oblivion.

This is a Limited Original giclée on canvas. Each piece is created the same size as the original, using the highest quality pigmented inks and canvas. Designed to last over 200 years, under normal lighting conditions. Savlen then paints on each piece in acrylic, in some cases changing colors in areas, shifting highlights or adding small unique details and brush texturing with the same attention to detail as on his original paintings. Savlen then personally signs, numbers and inspects each limited original to make certain every one meets his high standard of excellence.