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Tackle Grab – The Baits Fish Want. The Baits You Need.

Tackle Grab is a subscription service that uses a profile created by you to build a custom box of hand-picked baits that’s delivered to your door. In fact, right now you can get your first month subscription for 5 bucks! That’s quite a deal when you consider how expensive lures are these days. Heck, that’s an amazing deal when you consider how expensive fishing magazines are, and this is a box full of real lures!

Tackle Grab

To top it all off our good friend Andrew Dayman received a gift subscription for Christmas from his admittedly awesome fiancé, and will be sending us reports on what he gets every month. You can read his report from the first package below, and when you’re done why not follow him on twitter.

I received my first package from Tackle Grab the other night. The subscription was a gift from my (awesome) fiancé. She got it on Black Friday when they were having a 50% off sale. The 12 month subscription cost $104.31 after taxes & exchange rate (or about $8.70 a month)

The package contained:
(4) 5.25″ stick baits from Hot Seat Custom Baits
(5) 5″ flukes from Hawg Wild Lure Co.
(5) 4″ tubes from Hawg Wild Lure Co.
(1) “Minnow-110” bass wood crankbait from AR custom baits

Tackle Grab- Photos courtesy of Andrew Dayman (@CanadianDayman) Tackle Grab- Photos courtesy of Andrew Dayman (@CanadianDayman)

The quality of all the products seem decent & the hooks on the crankbait are sharp. Tackle Grab sends you different things depending on how you fill out your angling profile and I think they did a pretty good job. These are baits I’d use for the species I fish for.

Overall, I’m happy with what I got for my $8.70 this month, but I don’t know I would be if I had paid the full subscription price.

UPDATE: After finding pricing on the AR crankbait ($21+tax) I realized that I had undervalued the box tackle grab sent me. It’s a great deal, I’m very happy with my shipment and would highly recommend tackle grab.

Thanks for the report Andrew! We look forward to seeing what you get in your next delivery.