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XTRATUF II Boots – First Impressions

If you’re looking for a pair of boots that will take you through winter in style, or if the word ‘fashion’ appears anywhere on your radar, be ready to look away. However if you’re looking for a pair of boots that will take you through a career in commercial fishing, or across some mucky terrain to your favorite river bend year after year, then look no further.

The XTRATUF II boots are the next generation of the original XTRATUF boot designed in the 1960’s, and there’s a very good reason they’ve only made one revision in over 50 years. These boots have serious reputation among commercial fishermen of the pacific northwest and the people of Alaska, who call them the “Alaskan Tennis Shoe”.


The XTRATUF II are seamless neoprene boots that are 100% waterproof, paired with a slip resistant sole and added stabilizers to support your feet and ankles. They retail for about $100-$120 USD and are available in men’s and women’s sizes.


Over the past week I’ve worn my XTRATUF boots more than my everyday boots. We got several inches of snowfall in only a few days and I spent several hours outside shovelling. I also wear these boots to walk my dog Pilot, which means running up and down snow-covered hills until I’m ready to pass out. The boots are very well insulated and keep my feet warm the entire time I’m outdoors. The soles are nice and certainly feel quite slip resistant in my experience. I’m not ready to lay down a verdict on them just yet, so stay tuned for a full review.