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Mystery Tackle Box – First Impressions

Mystery Tackle Box is a monthly subscription service that delivers a mysterious package of fishing tackle right to your door for only $15 USD a month. Every month you should receive around 3-5 new products vetted by Mystery Tackle Box’s own team of tournament anglers that review each product to ensure its quality and merits. Currently they’re focusing on bass fishing but many of the lures and tackle will probably crossover into other common sport fish territories like pike, musky, or walleye.

I was given a 3-month gift subscription to Mystery Tackle Box for christmas by my wonderful girlfriend. I think she purchased it because I had previously raved about their commercials and how much I loved the Karl VonDibble character. Mystery Tackle Box really pushed these commercials on youtube during December. I swear 6 out of every 10 video ads I saw was a Mystery Tackle Box ad. In the end they did get my business for their efforts, so I guess it worked out.

So what mysterious things did I get in my first delivery? Keep reading to find out!

Mystery Tackle Box

First impressions are one of the most important things for any new product, and these days that starts at the unboxing process. The packaging may not be revolutionary, but I couldn’t help but get more and more excited as I pulled out layer after layer of goodies. The first lure I pulled out was a River2Sea Larry Dahlberg Clackin’ Crayfish with its instantly recognizable hinged tail. Clive and I covered this lure for the 2012 edition of Fins + Skins magazine under the Hot Lures section, so I already knew this lure sold for $10-15 USD. Considering packaging and shipping I’ve almost gotten my money’s worth. But there is still more stuff in the box!

Dahlberg Clackin' CrayfishGambler Cane ToadEvolve Vibragrub4/0 Ultra Lock EWG Mustad HookStanley ItzaBug

Next I pulled out a pack of Gambler Lures Cane Toad soft baits and a pair of 4/0 Ultra Lock EWG Mustad Hooks. I’ve never used any of Gambler’s products before, but these paddle tail frogs look like a perfect bass opener bait for Mystery Lake. Mustad of course needs no introduction as their products are well-known for being some of the best in the business.

Still amazed the box wasn’t empty I pulled out a package of Evolve RX Vibragrub soft baits. The first and only undulating flutter bait, according to the package anyway. We’ve previously covered some very nice lures from Evolve Baits so I’m hoping to be just as impressed with these. Even from inside the package they look like a deadly dropshot bait. I absolutely cannot wait to put these to the test on Lake Erie this season, maybe even catch my own 8.9-pounder!

Finally, the last package contained several soft plastic creature baits from Stanley Fishing called Itzabug. Creature baits are really fun because they offer so many rigging and presentation styles. Many professional anglers like Mike Iaconelli even go so far as to modify their creatures baits to the local conditions and patterns by removing or shortening some of the bait’s many appendages.

At the very bottom of the box I found some stickers, business cards, and an information card containing additional material about the baits, prices, etc. Aside from the fact that I can’t actually go out and use these lures today I’m very happy with my first delivery from Mystery Tackle Box. Sure I would have liked a few more hooks, and the plastic baits actually contain one or two less baits than if you had purchased them in the store, but I certainly can’t say that I didn’t get my money’s worth. Furthermore, Mystery Tackle Box isn’t a subscription service designed to fill your appetite for fishing tackle. Think of it more like an appetizer, or more accurately a variety of appetizers like dim sum, tapas, or thali. The smaller packages allow you the opportunity to try more things and find out what fits you the best. You’re less invested than if you had purchased a full pack from the store and hated it. You’re also far more likely to seek out and buy the things you did like.

Mystery Tackle Box appears to be a success and has got a lot of press since they launched with features on TechCrunch, Bass Angler Magazine, WFN, and even our good friend AnglerGang has a review.