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How to Plan a Successful Bass Fishing Trip to Florida

Some plan trips to Florida based on the number of mouse ears they can buy in a gift shop, some plan trips to Florida based on the number of bars or nightclubs per square mile, but serious anglers plan bass fishing trips to Florida after researching a few key factors.

Debbie Hanson - How to Plan a Successful Bass Fishing Trip to Florida

  1. Check the lunar calendar and try to schedule your trip during the week before a full moon.

  2. Find out when the bass will be spawning in a given region of the state. Depending on where you plan to fish, the spawn will occur at different times and is dependent on seasonal weather patterns. South Florida, for example, will experience the bass spawn earlier (often as early as January) versus the mid to northern parts of the state which typically experience the spawn in March or April.

  3. Be flexible. Give yourself at least one or two days of flexibility in the event of heavy winds, a cold front or during times of steady pressure.

  4. Plan to go out at dawn or dusk. This is when the fish will most likely be in feeding mode.

Bass in the 12 to 13-pound range can be caught on Florida’s freshwater lakes every year during the spawning season. However, your results will be dependent upon your level of planning. If a trophy bass trip is on your fishing bucket list, consider more than mouse ears or drinking beers.

Debbie Hanson has fished competitively for the past ten years through participation in the 2003 Islamorada Women’s Sailfish Tournament, the 2004 Professional Tarpon Tournament Series, the 2010 Women’s Professional Tarpon Tournament Series and the 2012 Women’s Professional Tarpon Tournament Series. She and business partner, Natalie Leeke, co-own a fishing blog and T-shirt brand for female anglers, B’ASS Fisher Women. Visit their website or Facebook page for more information. Follow Debbie on Twitter at @shefishes2.