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Year-round Piking by Richard MacRae

This report comes from Richard MacRae and was submitted as part of our 2012 Contributor Contest.

I know this is kind of a double entry in one, but the point of the entry is that I caught 67 Pike this year, starting in January and ending this December. To me, Pike are one of the most underrated species to catch. The challenge with Pike fishing is figuring out where they are hanging out (deep/shallow or bays/points etc.), how they want the presentation and where they want it. It’s not exactly true that they’ll hit anything, but they will hit everything, it just depends on their daily preference.

Year-round Piking

I like Piking, because you can fish them at anytime of the year, except of course when the season is closed during April and the first week in May. The two Pike in the pics show that – the January Pike was caught on the Mepps in shallow water and the December one was caught in deep water using a new method that I discovered this year; casting a 2 oz a bottom bouncer with a small silver rubber minnow. They were both 33″ long and at that size, they put up a great fight.