Posted on September 21, 2013 by

Meet Minke The Fishing Multi-tool From Meso Design

Minke is a small multi-tool that fits over your finger like a ring and will help you easily thread those nearly invisible leaders and tippets through tiny hook eyelets. It also makes tying a simple clinch knot a snap, and there is even a tool to clip the end of your line, as well as an eyelet cleaner.

The Minke is not a tool for everyone, but float and fly fishermen that frequently use tiny hooks (#8-12) and super thin tippets (5-8X) will definitely take notice. The demo is quite impressive and such a tool would save time and get you back in the strike zone faster. The project has already found funding on Kickstarter, and you’ll even find my name among the backers, but it’s not too late to preorder one for yourself.

Minke Diagram