Swordfish Tattoo by Matt Adamson
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Awesome Swordfish Tattoo by Matt Adamson

My good friend Phil alerted me to this fantastic swordfish tattoo by artist Matt Adamson. It’s difficult to understand the placement of the tattoo from the photos below but it looks to me like the tops of the shoulders, as if the swordfish has gone through the neck.

Swordfish Tattoo by Matt Adamson

Matt is now stationed at Jayne Doe tattoo studio in Essex, and if you’re nearby and looking for tattoos I would definitely recommend you check him out. You can see more of Matt’s amazing work and follow him on Instagram. Another great shot after the break with elements of the original drawing.

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Troll Boat

This crazy boat re-defines trolling. This unusual creation is designed by artist Julien Berthier and is just one of many odd creations he has done. The boat, named Love-love, looks like it’s sinking, but actually has a motor that makes it fully functional. No word on how it maneuvers, but I’m guessing not terribly well!

Troll boat Love Love

Love-love is the permanent and mobile image of a wrecked ship that has become a functional and safe leisure object.

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