Mystery Tackle Box
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Mystery Tackle Box – First Impressions

Mystery Tackle Box is a monthly subscription service that delivers a mysterious package of fishing tackle right to your door for only $15 USD a month. Every month you should receive around 3-5 new products vetted by Mystery Tackle Box’s own team of tournament anglers that review each product to ensure its quality and merits. Currently they’re focusing on bass fishing but many of the lures and tackle will probably crossover into other common sport fish territories like pike, musky, or walleye.

I was given a 3-month gift subscription to Mystery Tackle Box for christmas by my wonderful girlfriend. I think she purchased it because I had previously raved about their commercials and how much I loved the Karl VonDibble character. Mystery Tackle Box really pushed these commercials on youtube during December. I swear 6 out of every 10 video ads I saw was a Mystery Tackle Box ad. In the end they did get my business for their efforts, so I guess it worked out.

So what mysterious things did I get in my first delivery? Keep reading to find out!

Mystery Tackle Box

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ZipCut Pro: The Commercial

I originally met the guys from ZipCut Pro at the Toronto Sportmen’s Convention and so far I’ve really enjoyed their product. I don’t know if these commercials will be played on television, but it’s pretty clear that these guys have put a lot of work in to the production.

Stay tuned for the full review of the ZipCut Pro, as well as a contest where you can win your very own ZipCut Pro- for FREE!

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