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A Truly Epic Fishing Trip

A father and son team have teamed up for a 50 day fishing trip that spans all 50 states. Sounds like a great way to spend a summer bonding with dad! They are nearing the end of their trip and are going to be visiting Hawaii and Alaska next.

Why are they doing it? They are doing it for the adventure of course! I’d love to do the same thing on a much larger scale, maybe 50 countries!

The latest entry on their site has the following stats:

Dad (421 fish); Taylor (412 fish) with a Grand Total of 832 fish to date. Note that Taylor is now trailing me by single digits – only 9 fish down with 2 States to go.

Where would you fish if you were on a 50 day fishing trip?


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World Record Mako Shark

The mako shark is one of my all time favorite sharks. It looks mean, its super fast, and it has been known to jump 20 feet into the air when hooked. They aren’t the biggest shark, but they sure act like there are. Many people call them the bully of the ocean!

The current IGFA world record mako is 1221 pounds, but a 1324 pound and 1530 pound mako have also been caught that do not qualify as world records according the the IGFA rules.

1221lb world record mako shark
Caught off Chatham Massachusetts, USA on July 21, 2001 by Luke Sweeney.

More giant makos at New England Sharks

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