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Fishackathon – Fishing for Sustainable Code

No, we’re not talking about the worst Perch fillets you’ve ever seen. We’re talking about bringing talented people together across 15 cities around the world on a three-day coding marathon to support our global fisheries! The challenge is to use technology to help solve real world problems in fisheries management, conservation, aquaculture, and traceability.


Fishackathon is a public-private partnership that aims to capitalize on the expansion of mobile technology use across the developing world to address sustainable fishery challenges. The annual Fishackathon event calls on coders, designers, creatives, architects, product managers, project managers, oceanographers, fishers, ichthyologist, phycologist, algologist, and beach combers from all around the world to come together to create new applications and tools for use on mobile phones, devices, and other end-solutions, which can help fishers work smarter and more safely in sustainable fishing.

Working smarter and more safely toward a sustainable future is a worthwhile pursuit for any organization. But to set your target on our largest and most threatened ecosystem, which is utterly essential to life on this planet, might seem lofty if not impossible. The oceans are just too big, right? Consider all the effort and ingenuity we’ve invested into everything we’ve done off this planet like how many humans are in space right now looking back at this majestic blue (not green) marble we call home. Surely some of that novel inventiveness could make a huge impact on our oceans.

If this one weekend of sacrifice could lead to a better fishery for everyone how could anyone refuse? Fishing and camping might be my preferred way to spend my weekends, but I spend my weekdays working with technologies that have the ability to make these types of extraordinary leaps into the impossible, which is why I will be volunteering my time this weekend to help organize a fishackathon event here in Toronto, and perhaps why you should volunteer your time as well.

Be sure to follow FishingFury twitter and fishhackathon twitter on Twitter for live updates throughout the weekend!

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Fishing Fury Turns Nine Years Old Today!

It feels like time is passing faster and faster as I get older. So I have no doubt it won’t be long before I’m looking back on ten full years of Fishing Fury. Of course looking back it’s easy to see we’ve accomplished a great many things in our time, but I can’t help but think about all the things left unfinished, all the goals left unchecked, and all the lakes left un-fished… The truth is, we’ve only completed the prelude to this epic story. So crack open an extra beer this weekend and have a toast – TO THE FURY!

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Happy Earth Day 2013

Earth Day 2013 is here!

When is Earth Day?
Earth Day is honored around the world on April 22, although larger events such as festivals and rallies are often organized for the weekends before or after April 22. Many communities also observe Earth Week or Earth Month, organizing a series of environmental activities throughout the month of April.

Why do we need an Earth Day?
Because it works! Earth Day broadens the base of support for environmental programs, rekindles public commitment and builds community activism around the world through a broad range of events and activities. Earth Day is the largest civic event in the world, celebrated simultaneously around the globe by people of all backgrounds, faiths and nationalities. More than a billion people participate in our campaigns every year.

The Fowler Center
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Fowler Center’s Fishing Fundraiser

The Fowler Center in Mayville, Michigan has provided year-round camping and outdoor learning experiences for children and adults with developmental disabilities and special needs since 1957. This includes people with mental and physical challenges, autism, traumatic brain injuries, and sensory and communication challenges. The Fowler Center serves thousands each year and its goal is to offer a safe and comfortable environment so campers leave with memories of an enjoyable away-from-home experience, as well as new-found self-esteem, friendships, and pride.

The Fowler Center

The Fowler Center will be hosting its 18th Annual Ice Fishing Tournament on February 16th, 2013 where all proceeds will go to the camp. There will be two fishing sessions at 7:30-11:30am and 1:30-5:30pm, entrance fees to each are $20 for fishermen 17+ and $5 for those under 17. Cash prizes available for first pike, largest fish, smallest fish, youngest fisherman with a fish, and a $7,000 gran prize! There will also be concessions, raffles, door prizes and more.

The Fowler Center is located at 2315 Harmon Lake Road, Mayville, MI 48744. For more details, please contact [email protected].

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