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Fishing Fury Turns Nine Years Old Today!

It feels like time is passing faster and faster as I get older. So I have no doubt it won’t be long before I’m looking back on ten full years of Fishing Fury. Of course looking back it’s easy to see we’ve accomplished a great many things in our time, but I can’t help but think about all the things left unfinished, all the goals left unchecked, and all the lakes left un-fished… The truth is, we’ve only completed the prelude to this epic story. So crack open an extra beer this weekend and have a toast – TO THE FURY!

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Fresh Fishing Reviews

Today we’re serving up three fresh fishing reviews and we’ve got plenty more on the way. I’m really hoping to knockout a backlog of these before bass season opens! If you’re looking for fishing reports and shorter updates be sure to check out our forums for more great content.

Where The Yellowstone Goes

Where the Yellowstone Goes

Where The Yellowstone Goes is a film directed by Hunter Weeks that captures just about everything I love about great wilderness adventures and like any good adventure, or any good documentary for that mater, you often find what you least expected. Drifting down the Yellowstone through mesmerizing backdrops from the urban to the rural, from pristine to the contaminated, the 30-day voyage would take the team from Gardiner, Montana, to where the Yellowstone meets the Missouri River in North Dakota. Continue Reading…

Dizm Eco Eyewear

Dizm Eyewear Eco Collection - Dempsey (men's)

Dizm Eyewear is a relatively small company born on Hermosa Beach, California in 2009 with the aspirations of creating environmentally conscious products that bridge the gap between action sports and fashion. They’re well-known in the surfing and skateboarding community, but chances are many fishermen have never heard of this quality brand. Continue Reading…

CamJam by Nite Ize

Nite Ize's CamJam

Nite Ize may be more well-known for their flashlight and LED accessories, but they also produce a variety of innovative outdoor gear that’s sure to fill the void in any adventurer’s kit. One such product is the CamJam, a custom carabiner that locks securely in place and can be tightened by pulling the cord rigged through the back and held in place by a spring-loaded cam. Continue Reading…

Parachute Orange
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New Collection of Flies From Paul Mugo

Paul Mugo, owner of the Kenya Tyeing Flies Company, has sent me yet another amazing collection of his handmade flies. If you haven’t seen his work before you should definitely check out the two previous galleries of his fantastic flies.

Parachute Orange

I will be putting these flies to the test next weekend as I try to catch my first Brook Trout on the fly in Algonquin Park. Wish me luck!

See more fantastic handmade flies from Kenya by Paul Mugo

Massive Rainbow Trout
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New Trout Fishing Photo Gallery!

The fishing season is off to a fantastic start this year! Last weekend marked the opening of trout season here in Ontario and though I was only able to get out yesterday, my friends and I still managed to have a fantastic day on the river. We woke up early and took a short drive out to Oshawa where we would explore the upper parts of the river. Tiny beads and stoneflies were the most effective lures in the gin clear water.

Massive Rainbow Trout

See all photos in “Trout Opener 2013” Photo Gallery

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