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Stubby Steve’s Artificial Fish Food Lure: First Impressions

Stubby Steve’s Artificial Fish Food Lure is the first ever, that I know of, lure designed to be an exact replica of a fish food pellet. You might think that sounds a little silly given all the different kinds of lures out there with photo realistic patterns, holographic eyes, and laser etched fins on modern lures. But Steve’s quick to point out that each year billions of fish are grown and distributed across the United States alone, and the vast majority of these fish are raised on fish food pellets. Think of Stubby Steve’s Artificial Fish Food like you would mom’s famous meat loaf, or whatever your favorite meal might be, and you haven’t had any for years. The next fish that passes your bait could be a short chum line away from your photo album!

Stubby Steve's Artificial Fish Food Lure

These Stubby Steve’s look promising, they’re 100% biodegradable which I know we all love and appreciate in a lure. I’ve got about 10 packages which should make for quite a few rounds of testing, and hopefully some leftovers to giveaway to you. I think they’ll be a great bait here in Ontario for salmon, trout, panfish, carp, catfish, even bass. I especially like the idea that it can be combined with traditional lures to make them more effective. I’ll be putting them to the test in the next week or two and will report back with a full review!

Stubby Steve's Artificial Fish Food Lure Stubby Steve's Artificial Fish Food Lure Stubby Steve's Artificial Fish Food Lure

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Epic Carp Battle Photo!

Quite possibly the most epic fishing photo I’ve ever seen, certainly one involving carp. A lot of people think of carp as a garbage fish, but in reality they pack some of the most intense freshwater battles you’ll find.

French photographer and biologist Laurent Ballesta captures the hour- long battle between a 15kg (33lb) carp and his brother at a small lake near Montpellier in southern France

via, thanks to Biz

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Toronto Islands Report – May 2010

In 2004 -even before Fishing Fury started- the Toronto Islands were the first location that Clive and I really put our heads together on. The coordination of our thoughts and efforts combined and together we landed well over a dozen pike in only a few days fishing, it was here on these shores that we developed our own shore fishing tactics, and here that Fishing Fury was born.

Now six years later, Clive is flying in all the way from Halifax on Porter Airlines and will only be in town for two nights. Though we only have a short time together we intend to spend as much of it fishing as humanly possible. Clive arrived on Monday morning to the Toronto Islands Airport and we wasted no time getting to the ferry docks, where we met up with Pete from the OFN forums. Once on the islands we walked straight off the ferry to the Center Island channel where we set up our gear and started casting.

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KokeMachine’s Dispensin’ Tips-n-Shi…

I found this video earlier today on Vimeo while looking for new fishing videos, and found a guy right here in Toronto! “KokeMachine” is a local Torontonian fisherman, and he’s definitely got attitude- something we appreciate around here. The overall editing and story is pretty good, though it still has a very raw feel, coloured with foul language- and the animations of his gear are hilarious. I like it.

In this video he walks down to the harbor front, looks to me like Coronation Park, where he catches a huge carp and an amazing (though out-of-season) Toronto Smallmouth Bass! Check it out! Warning! Foul language ahead.

UPDATE: KokeMachine tells us this video was filmed in August of last year. Making the massive smallmouth bass completely legal under MNR regulations. It’s easily the biggest Toronto smallmouth I’ve ever seen. Great job KokeMachine!

4 Eel Fishing: Fishing For Real- Episode 2- Toronto Harbor Carp

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