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11 Year Old Catches 9 Foot Catfish!

Jessica Wanstall is only 4ft 10in tall and weighs less then 85 pounds, but has caught a bigger fish then many of us ever will. She landed a 9 foot long wels catfish that was almost 200lbs while fishing in Spain’s River Ebro. Jessica had a little help from her dad, and released the big cat after a quick photo.

9 foot catfish

This catch will eclipse the world record for a freshwater fish caught by an angler aged 16 and under.

via Daily Mail UK

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Giant Fish Helped by Fishing!

You would think that fishing for rare and endangered species of fish would be a really bad idea, but in Thailand its a great idea! What started as one mans hobby as turned into a lucrative business. A lake stocked with rare and exotic fish offers visiting fishermen the change to catch rare species of fish without having to remove them from their natural habitat. Lake Monster is one of the few places in the world where anglers have a good chance of catching species such as the dog eating catfish without damaging wild populations. The one rule, every fish must be released.

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Ugly Stiks Aren’t Unbreakable!?

It’s not secret, Jon and I are big fans of Shakespeare’s Ugly Stiks. We both own saltwater and freshwater versions of the rod and have put them through some serious abuse. There really inst a tougher all purpose rod for the price if you ask me. I’ve dropped mine, stepped on it, and even slammed it in a car door and its still in one piece! I always figured they were unbreakable, until I saw this…

The fisherman in the video claims the rod is very old and seen its fair share of giant catfish.

“I think the Mekong Catfish range in size between 20Kilos to about 80 kilos in that pond. The other factor why the rod broke was probably the fact that it was about 15 years old (a shame coz the old tigers were the best). And also because my friend was already tired from fighting so many large mekongs which prompted him to try to muscle the fish in leading to his broken rod.”

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Ice Fishing In Brazil?

There are wonderful and magical places in the world that don’t get snow like we do here in Canada. Brazil for example. Now as nice as it to have warm weather all year, they miss out on winter sports like skiing, hockey and ice fishing. Well these guys have discovered something way better then ice fishing. Instead of cutting through ice, they cut through thick plant vegetation. The result speaks for itself!

via OFNC

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