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LunkerHunt Edu-Kits – First Impressions

Lunkerhunt brands themselves as a company that is dedicated to providing innovative, high quality, fishing products for anglers of all skill levels- and what better skill level to target than novice. That’s exactly where the aptly named LunkerHunt Edu-Kits come in.

Each Edu-Kit is a complete package of species targeted lures and a Pro Knowledge Handbook outlining exactly how to use the provided equipment. Edu-Kits are perfect for kids, or even experienced anglers looking to try a new type of fishing or target a new species. There are 24 different Edu-Kits in total designed to target and catch over a dozen different species of fish.

As you can see the enclosed instructions give you a clear guide on how to tie your hook, rig your bait, and even how to present the lure when fishing. I plan on testing the Edu-Kits by giving them to some of my novice angler friends and seeing if they can educate themselves on a new type of fishing. Stay tuned for a full review!

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USA Wins The Ice Fishing World Championships!

That’s right the US managed to keep their lead on day one to complete the two-day World Ice Fishing Championships. This is the first time the USA has managed to snag the victory and it couldn’t have come at a better time or on a better lake.

Team Results
1. Team USA
2. Team Poland
3. Team Russia
Individual Results
1. USA – Mike Boedeker
2. Sweden – Folke Andersson
3. Poland – Tomasz Nysztal

You can check out WIFC’s website for the the official WIFC results and Go North Photos for some event shots.

Obviously, the USA contingent had the home advantage as some members fished Boom Lake last year in the North American Ice Fishing Circuit (NAIFC) competition. They all knew how crappies, perch and bluegills bite. The European contestants had never seen these species until this weekend.

After Sunday’s weigh-in, Mike Boedeker of Lansing, Mich., figured he was in contention for the bronze in individual honors. He had eight fish, all crappies, on Sunday. He used a Fiska glow jig both days. He fished with the USA team last year in WIFC competition held in Poland. The typical target fish were golden shiner- and smelt-type species, he said.

Myron Gilbert, a USA team member from Brooklyn Mich., was understandably ecstatic about the win. No matter where the other teams finished, he said, they will all remember the warm reception Rhinelander gave them. “They were big-eyed” after participating in the downtown parade and seeing the thousands of well-wishers, he noted.

His key to scoring fish was to keep moving when there was no bite for a time. It’s not unusual for him to drill hundreds of holes during other tournaments where power augers are allowed. USA team members shared information gained from pre-tournament fishing the areas immediately around the zones when power augers and graphs were allowed

via Rhinelander Daily News

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