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Bass Season Is Almost Here!

Bass season is already open all over the Unites states, but if you live in Ontario, Canada, you’ll have to wait until this Saturday to fish for them. I always loved fish bass when I lived in Ontario, and while I still fish for bass, my only option here in Nova Scotia is to fish for smallmouth. Now don’t get me wrong, I love smallie fishing, but there is something really special about getting a big largemouth.

Ontario Bass Facts:

  • The record smallmouth bass caught in Ontario is 9.84 lbs (4.46 kg)
  • The record largemouth bass caught in Ontario is 10.43 lbs (4.73 kg)
  • Smallmouth typically live in deeper water near rocks, sand, or gravel and prefer cooler temperatures then largemouth. The idea temperature is around 70°F (21°C).
  • Largemouth typically are found in shallow, warmer water with aquatic vegetation, wood and rocks and other cover. They usually prefer water temperatures between 79 to 81°F (26 to 27°C).


We’ll be dedicating the next few days to bass fishing, so stay tuned!

Image via Ontario Fishing Regulations

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Bass VS Bird

Mark down one point for the good guys! This little bass didn’t let his stature prevent him from making a quick meal of a bird. The real question is, how did this happen? I mean, we’ve heard of pike taking ducklings, but ducks are in the water. This little bird certainly wasn’t a water foul. Any ideas?

Bass eats bird
Bass eats bird!

Photo by Cliff Watts

via Field and Stream

Birds 4 – Fish 2

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Fishing Fury Interview with Kim Bain-Moore

While getting ready to publish this story I realized that we haven’t had any original Fishing Fury editorial for 2009 which makes this the first! What an amazing start to the year!

Kim Bain-Moore has been called the First Lady of Fishing after securing her name in history as the first woman to fish the Bassmaster Classic. We recently had the opportunity to have a short interview with Kim and ask her a few questions about her love of fishing, her experience fishing competitively and what it was like to be the first woman to fish the Classic.

Kim Bain-Moore shows off her catch during weigh-in at last year's Women's Bassmaster Tour event in Lewisville, Texas.

Kim Bain-Moore shows off her catch during weigh-in at last years Women's Bassmaster Tour event in Lewisville, Texas.

Fishing Fury: Hey Kim, let us start by saying it’s a great pleasure to speak with you. You’ve broken a lot of barriers in the world of fishing and it’s great to see the sport grow and evolve with women competing in big tournaments.

Who would you credit with building your love for fishing from a young age?

Kim Bain-Moore: Without a doubt, my Mum (Lynn) and Dad (Steve). They were always proactive in creating opportunities for me to get outdoors and enjoy nature. My fondest memories are spending time with my family fishing and hunting on my weekends and vacations. I was also a member of many sportfishing clubs in Australia, so I have been very privileged to have grown up around many diverse and talented anglers.

Continue reading Fishing Fury’s interview with Kim Bain-Moore..

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Dark Blotches On Bass

This is the first I’ve heard of this strange condition that can affect both smallmouth and largemouth bass. Little is known about the cause of these markings even though this condition was first observed in the 1980s. It is believed that this hyperpigmented melanosis may be a result of catch and release or is a natural defense mechanism against environmental contaminants. There isn’t a lot of conclusive evidence to support either theory 100 percent, but considering both pollutants and catch and release have increased over the years, you expect that these blotches would be extremely common by now.

Blotched smallmouth bass

    “The marks seem to eventually disappear, suggesting they may be part of a skin or slime repairing process. I’ve also noted that they seem to disappear faster from smaller adult bass. The largest fish seem to hold them for at least two years.”

More about the Bass Blotch Mystery at WMI

via OFNC

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