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Kenneth Dahl Paintings

Kenneth Dahl is a retired painter from Washington state who wrote us a few weeks back to ask us what we thought of his paintings. These are my two favourite photos that he included, the second one is absolutely amazing. He’s also sent us a painting he just finished that I’ll post later.

Tell us what you think!

You Snooze You Lose
You Snooze You Lose

Unexpected Guest - Kenneth Dahl
Unexpected Guest

“Leaving your mark is important and it is truly a blessing when what you do for a living completely facilitates that goal.”

Check out Kenneth Dahl’s website for more of his art and photography.

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Pike Flies By Simon Graham

We have a lot in common with Simon Graham of Pike Fly Fishing Articles (and Baltic Pike Tours), but most of all we both love pike. While we prefer chasing them with large spinner baits, Simon catches them on flies. And just like I create my own spinner baits, Simon creates his own incredible flies in all sorts of colours, shapes and sizes. If you are interested in catching pike on the fly, do yourself a favour and check out some of his site and some of his creations.

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