Posted on May 6, 2012 by

LunkerHunt Edu-Kits – First Impressions

Lunkerhunt brands themselves as a company that is dedicated to providing innovative, high quality, fishing products for anglers of all skill levels- and what better skill level to target than novice. That’s exactly where the aptly named LunkerHunt Edu-Kits come in.

Each Edu-Kit is a complete package of species targeted lures and a Pro Knowledge Handbook outlining exactly how to use the provided equipment. Edu-Kits are perfect for kids, or even experienced anglers looking to try a new type of fishing or target a new species. There are 24 different Edu-Kits in total designed to target and catch over a dozen different species of fish.

As you can see the enclosed instructions give you a clear guide on how to tie your hook, rig your bait, and even how to present the lure when fishing. I plan on testing the Edu-Kits by giving them to some of my novice angler friends and seeing if they can educate themselves on a new type of fishing. Stay tuned for a full review!