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Once In A Blue Moon

Since I’m going to be a the Spring Fishing & Boat Show today, I thought I should leave you with something awesome and inspiring for the day. We’ve shown the teaser clip for Once In A Blue Moon, but this five minute HD clip is going to blow your mind.

In an unpredictable chain of events a mass flowering of the ancient New Zealand Beech forest leads to an excess of seed production. Mice and rodents take advantage of this abundance and numbers reach plague proportions. Incredible footage follows these rodents as they embark on a strange migration, attempting to swim across the expanse of New Zealand’s rivers and lakes. There they fall prey to the largest predators in the lake – monster Brown trout. Gorging themselves on swimming mice, these fish become extremely aggressive and grow to epic proportions. For a fly fishing Angler, this is the stuff dreams are made of.

I really wish I had the time and a few guys who knew cameras this well the next time Clive and I wen’t on a trip. I’m actually on the look out for some trout and steelhead gear this year, and might even get my line wet as early as monday morning in search of a species I’ve never caught in my life… I will try to post again this evening with photos from the event and maybe even some sweet gear.

DVD available from On The Fly –

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