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RainBallet iPhone4 Case Review

Even though I have several cameras that are twice as powerful as my iPhone4, I still find that I really love shooting photos on my iPhone- even when I can’t immediately share those photos with the world. I’m not the only one infatuated with the iPhone’s camera, the iPhone4 is the most popular camera on Flickr. Naturally because I spend a lot of time outdoors and on the water protecting my iPhone is very important, but being able to take that camera underwater would be a huge advantage for me. That’s where the Joy Factory RainBallet comes in.

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Liquipel Invisible Armour

Liquipel is not a case or static film, it’s a microscopic hydrophobic (water repellent) nano-tech armour. The Liquipel treatment means your favorite electronics will be 100% water proof (inside an out!) with absolutely no visible changes, and the treatment is said to outlast the lifetime of your device. Armour your iPhone4s costs about $60 USD plus shipping, though right now Liquipel is offering free ground shipping to start. If they could put some of these machines nearby where I could drop-off items for a few hours to be waterproofed I’d be the first person in line. I would do my iPad, iPhone, and 7D at the same time probably even my macbook if the price was right.

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