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RainBallet Underwater iPhone4 Case Test Shots

Since I got my hands on the RainBallet Underwater iPhone4 case I’ve filmed all kinds of underwater shots to test its versatility. I put together a few test shots into a single video so you can get an idea of what to expect from the underwater footage on your iPhone. Check it out and let me know what you think and if there’s something you’d like me to test for the upcoming full review.

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Salmon Fishing Video September 2011

In mid september a few friends and I headed out east in search of some salmon. We found a massive pool of coho and caught several big fish.

This was mostly filmed on a GoPro Hero HD with a chesty mount, the underwater shots are from my iPhone in a RainBallet case from The Joy Factory, the stills and a few other videos were shot on my Canon Elph 780IS.

Audio track is Rusko – Hold On

Joy Factory RainBallet Underwater iPhone 4 Case
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Joy Factory RainBallet Underwater iPhone 4 Case – First Impressions

Even though I have several cameras that are twice the resolution of my iPhone 4, I still find that I really enjoy shooting photos on my iPhone- even when I can’t immediately share those photos with the world. Because I’ve spent so much time in Algonquin Park this year I upgraded from my usual Ziploc back to a SeaLine E-Case for added protection. It’s a great case, but I’m certainly not about to submerge it intentionally for very long. That’s where the Joy Factory RainBallet comes in to play.

Even before I go into the features of this underwater case for the iPhone 4 you’re probably already thinking about price. Aftermarket underwater cases are well-known for being outrageously expensive sometimes exceeding the cost of the device they house. This certainly isn’t true for the RainBallet, this IPX7 (protected against full submersion for 30 minutes at a depth of 1 meter) spec case only costs about 50 bucks. Considering your phone costs upwards of 500 bucks, that’s not a bad price.

Overall the Joy Factory RainBallet looks well made, the rubberized front and textured back give a comfortable grip even when wet. It’s bulky, but lightweight and a snug fit for the phone. There are three latches along the top that you have to fully engage before it’s ready for submersion. The handy line around the outside serves as a visual reminder. The touch screen works well through the case, though it does need slightly more pressure. The home button is the only mechanical button that can be depressed once the case is on, though I have been able to depress the power button once or twice I haven’t been able to do it consistently enough to say it works. You’ll also be happy to know that the camera functions are fully supported and you can shoot photos and videos through the Sharpvue™ lens protecting both the front and back camera. The Intelli-filter™ design allows sound to travel both ways through the case, so you’ll be able to capture audio in all your videos, listen to your ipod, or even conduct a business meeting underwater.

More photos after the break!

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