GoPro after BlurFix
Posted on September 1, 2011 by

GoPro BlurFix From Snake River Prototyping – First Impressions

Back when we first got our hands on a GoPro camera we mentioned a pretty serious flaw with it. The camera takes awesome vivid images and video when it is not in its underwater case, but when it is, there is a very noticeable loss of focus and blur on the edges while under the water. Being fisherman, and wanting the camera to be used almost solely for underwater footage, this was pretty heart breaking. While there are some great workarounds thanks to some very creative people, we’ve gone with the BlurFix adapter from a company called Snake River Prototyping operating out of Idaho, USA. Not only does it solve the focus issue, but the BlurFix is the best looking solution I’ve seen so far.

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Toronto Islands Pike Opener 2011
Posted on August 10, 2011 by

GoPro Hero HD Footage from Toronto Islands 2011

I finally had the chance to sit down and play with some of my GoPro Hero HD footage, it was also the first time I took Final Cut Pro X for a spin. While many people have complained about the downsides of the new Final Cut, and the bizarre iMovie like interface that throws all your years of NLE (non-linear editing) out the window for a new “magnetic timeline”. I found that FCPX did a fantastic job of editing the 1080p source footage. In fact I edited and exported this video in the time it would have taken Final Cut Pro 7 to render it for playback!

There’s no fancy editing techniques in this video, I simply chopped out the boring stuff and used a built-in transition in between each of the clips. Feel free to crank it up to 1080p and fullscreen it for full effect.

Ricoh PX
Posted on July 22, 2011 by

Ricoh PX – Yet Another Waterproof, Dust-proof, Shockproof Digital Camera

Rugged digital cameras are the new rage, every manufacturer now has at least one point and shoot or video camera targeted at the often underwater outdoorsman. The new Ricoh PX is yet another one of these rugged digital cameras made for the outdoors. This point and shoot packs a 16-megapixel sensor with a 5x optical wide zoom lens and a 2.7-inch scratch resistant LCD all wrapped in a waterproof, shockproof, and dust-resistant body. According to Ricoh the PX can withstand upto 10 feet of water, a five foot drop, and is completely impermeable to dust and sand. The Ricoh PX retail for approximately 150EU.

via Engadget.

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