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GoPro BlurFix From Snake River Prototyping – First Impressions

Back when we first got our hands on a GoPro camera we mentioned a pretty serious flaw with it. The camera takes awesome vivid images and video when it is not in its underwater case, but when it is, there is a very noticeable loss of focus and blur on the edges while under the water. Being fisherman, and wanting the camera to be used almost solely for underwater footage, this was pretty heart breaking. While there are some great workarounds thanks to some very creative people, we’ve gone with the BlurFix adapter from a company called Snake River Prototyping operating out of Idaho, USA. Not only does it solve the focus issue, but the BlurFix is the best looking solution I’ve seen so far.

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GoPro Hero HD – First Impressions

The GoPro Hero HD has pretty much become the de-facto high definition point-of-view (POV) camera. Everyone from car enthusiasts, bike riders, fishermen, skiers, snowboarders, police, military, and even the MythBusters use them now! The Hero HD is a no frills powerhouse of a camera. On the actual camera you won’t find much more than a lens, a few buttons, and an LCD screen. The most versatile part of the GoPro is the waterproof shockproof case which can be mounted to just about anything you can think of, but this waterproof case has a small underwater problem.

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Toronto Spring Fishing & Boat Show

With warming weather and melting ice many fisherman are getting ready for the spring, and rightly so this long weekend you can get a head start- and hopefully some sweet deals at the Spring Fishing & Boat Show! There are tons of exhibitors and some great semiars from pros like Italo Labignan, Bob Izumi, Pete Maina and Gord Pyzer! I’m surprised that Dave Mercer is not on that list, though he may be busy working on the Bassmaster tour right now.

I’m definitely looking forward to seeing Jordan from Sportsman Trophy Plaque again this year, and getting our 2010 Contributor Contest plaque to the printers.

For details see the Spring Fishing & Boat Show website.

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