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Review Roundup: Ready, Set, Fish!

Over the weekend I spent a lot of time working on our backlog of reviews and preparing our 2012 contributor contest entries. I also managed to get out on Saturday for some winter fishing and although it was the first trip of the year, and fishing is never a guaranteed thing, we managed to find a great location and land a few fresh winter steelhead.

Winter Steelhead Fishing && WE FISHIN MANE t-shirt!

So while I’m packing WE FISHIN MANE t-shirt orders and the prizes for last year’s contributor contest why not check out these four fantastic reviews, including a review of the tangle-free WaveSpin fishing reel from KokeMachine.


XTRATUF Boots The XTRATUF II are 100% waterproof neoprene boots, paired with a slip resistant sole and added stabilizers to support your feet and ankles. They retail for about $100-$120 USD and are available in men’s and women’s sizes. While they aren’t pretty, they come from a brand with a serious reputation among commercial fisherman, and some street credibility in Alaska and the pacific northwest where they’re known as the “Alaskan Tennis Shoe”. I’ve tested these boots for over a month now, but yesterday was my first opportunity to test them on some winter fishing.

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WaveSpin Reel

Wave Spin Reel - RIG IT! As a man whose fishing game is so often crippled and hilarified* by severely nasty tangles and bird’s nests, when I first read about the WaveSpin reel, despite my reservations, I was hopeful that this reel might mean the end of those dark days. The reel features a unique spool design that resembles a saw blade. Although one might think that this feature is added for bad-ass stylistic purposes, it is actually the mechanism that prevents tangles. By forcing loose loops of line into the grooves and out-of-the-way of outgoing line on a cast the loops are eventually pulled out in the proper order. The “teeth” also reduce the friction on your line allowing for smoother and longer casts.

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Big Smallie Hair Jigs

Big Smallie Tackle - High Quality Handmade Hair Jigs The hair jig comes with a legendary reputation for catching fish. Some might consider them “old school” and pass them in stores without a second glance, while others know them as a veteran’s tool for cold water fishing. If these underrated lures are missing from your tackle box you’re probably missing out on fishing opportunities. Big Smallie Tackle Hair Jigs are handcrafted lures by Ryan Lampe, and they look fantastic.

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Suncloud Polarized Optics

Suncloud Polarized Optics - Impulse (Men's) If you have a large head like I do, then you know how hard it is to find a quality pair of glasses that fit. For that reason, I’m very pleased to say that these Suncloud Polarized Optics fit without any pinching, but also look great. The wrap around frames help to block out light and the polarized lenses are very sharp. The brown tint filters out blue light while increasing the overall contrast, making them perfect for cloud-free days, shallow water fishing, and even driving.

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Meet the new Abu Garcia REVO MHX-SHS ($349.99 MSRP). This reel packs a whopping 7.9:1 gear ratio into a compact design built around Abu Garcia’s X-Mag alloy frame and C6 carbon side plates producing an almost unthinkable ultra-lightweight (5.4oz) low profile reel. To put that into perspective, the smallest Quantum EXO PT bait caster weighs in at 5.9oz.


I had the pleasure of playing with this reel at the Toronto Sportsman’s Show and it’s on my list of reels I want to own. Unfortunately, it is only available in a right-handed version at this time.

More photos after the break!

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Toronto Sportsmens Show
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Toronto Sportsman’s Show 2013

The 2013 Toronto Sportsman’s Show is just around the corner, and this year it promises it will be bigger and better than ever! This year’s event will be held at the Direct Energy Center, Exhibition Place, running from February 7th to 10th. We’ll be there documenting this event and looking for some deals!

Toronto Sportsmen's Show

One feature you won’t want to miss is the Berkley School of Walleye Fishing. Berkley Pro and full-time guide, Sheldon Hatch, will be hosting the show.

Visit to save $3 off the price of an adult admission for a limited time.

Loop Evotech CLW Reel- Broken Reel Seat
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Welcome to Heartbreak

I had high hopes of coming back from my trip this weekend with an entry for the Zazzy Pop big fish contest, and while I did catch a number of large bass, none of them were on my Zazzy Pop lures. In fact early in to the trip I was shore fishing with my fly rod and slipped on a big rock. The resulting fall didn’t hurt, but the impact snapped my 8-12 Loop Evotech CLW reel right off the reel seat! Luckily my Pike Booster rod was fine.

I was pretty upset when it happened, especially since I’ve been so happy with the performance of the CLW up until now. I don’t expect it to survive a drop with nearly two hundred pounds of force coming down on it and I think that even a metal reel would have suffered damage in this case. Never-the-less I’ve even emailed Loop to see if there is anything they can do though I don’t have very high expectations since the CLW’s have been replaced by the XACT. In the meantime I’ve ordered a MULTi 6-9 from Outdoor Sport Canada that should hopefully get here before friday and I can get back to slinging Zazzy Pops!

You can also check out our gallery of the world’s largest privately owned Zazzy Pop collection!

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