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Name That Fish
Posted on May 2, 2013 by

Name That Fish!

This exotic fish may be native to southeast asia, but would you believe there’s one place in the United States where you can catch one right along side a largemouth bass. While they’re most commonly found here in aquariums many misinformed owners don’t realize they can grow up to 40″ and weigh over 10 pounds. Sources believe that when the fish got too big or too expensive to feed they were illegally released into the local water system.

Name That Fish

Can you name that fish? If so we’ve got a three pack of WE FISHIN’ MANE stickers for you!

Posted on February 28, 2013 by

Urban Lines – Fish Where You Are

There are a ton of great fishing videos out there, but it’s extremely rare to for one to unveil an “unknown” fishery in the heart of one of the most densely populated and historic areas in the United States. Urban Lines follows four fly fishermen in Washington, D.C. and their pursuit to show the epic fishing potential of the Potomac River and protect its resources for future generations. It’s about thinking globally and fishing locally.

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With the invasion of the Asian Carp and their hostile takeover of our water systems (and airspace) it’s time we co-opted another popular internet acronym for ourselves. GTFO – GET THE FISH OUT! Our prayers go out to all the Americans, unable to defend themselves without the use of their assault rifles, killed in this waterborne kamikaze assault.

If you liked this, you’ll probably love MILF (Man I Love Fishing).

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Epic Aerial Bowfishing

The Peoria Carp Hunters are back with yet another asian carp carnage video. It’s videos like these that have me seriously considering buying a bow this year, honing my skills, and possibly even checking out some of the local bowfishing opportunities. I’m also hoping to take a trip to the Chicago later this year and time permitting I’d love to take the trip down to Peoria to do some epic aerial bowfishing of with these guys.


The Peoria Carp Hunters were also featured on Animal Planet’s “OFF THE HOOK” with host/pro wrestler Eric Young. Check out the video after the break.

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