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Urban Lines – Fish Where You Are

There are a ton of great fishing videos out there, but it’s extremely rare to for one to unveil an “unknown” fishery in the heart of one of the most densely populated and historic areas in the United States. Urban Lines follows four fly fishermen in Washington, D.C. and their pursuit to show the epic fishing potential of the Potomac River and protect its resources for future generations. It’s about thinking globally and fishing locally.

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Record Breaking Snakehead

An absolutely massive invasive snakehead has been pulled from the Potomac River by Juan Duran, and he may very well have set a world record! The current record stands at 17.4 pounds, caught in Japan, but Juan’s fish is four feet long, over 18 pounds, and caught in Virginia!

“I think they’re cool looking…I love the way they fight.. And you can catch them with a bass lure,” Duran said. “When you’re fighting a fish that big,… concentrate on that one fish – pretty awesome feeling.”

Duran’s pictures and scale are on their way to the IGFA for certification as a world record.

via WJLA

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