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Only the River Knows – Trailer

The main part of the film takes place by the legendary Lethe River on New Zealand’s wild and wondrous South Island. Back in 1988, one of the most iconic fly fishers of our time, Lars Lenth, spent three months exploring the fabled river and fishing for its abnormally large trout. At night, he would sit down in a remote cabin and write down his experiences in a journal.

Nearly 25 years later, the young trout bum Rolf Nylinder looses his way in the wilderness near Lethe. By chance, he finds the long-lost journal, full of insights about the very soul of fly fishing. Along with Rolf on the trip is documentarist Peter Christensen, filming their mostly failing attempts to catch trout, and Rolf’s ever-growing obsession of the journal.

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600-Pound Marlin Jumps Into Boat

The video below will both shock and amaze you as a 600-pound marlin jumps into the boat damaging just about everything in sight and knocking one of the crew to the floor. The fish got away, but nobody sustained serious injury.

A nice black marlin off Cairns, Australia jumps and lands aboard the “Little Audrey.” The crew was lucky to escape with only minor injuries and the feisty marlin was released. Little Audrey Game fishing Charters

Outcast Mega Shark Tournament tiger shark 948 pound
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948-Pound Tiger Shark

Outcast Mega Shark Tournament angler Tyler Kennedy just caught the new tournament record, not to mention the fish of a lifetime. This 948-pound tiger shark took three hours to bring in and had to be lashed to the side of the boat and motored slowly back to the weigh-in station. A five-hour trip! This gargantuan weighed in at 948.6 pounds, breaking the tournament record by over 100 pounds, with a length of 13.5 feet and a 10-foot girth! The story doesn’t stop there either. After the weigh-in researchers opened the shark up and found a 7-foot porpoise in its belly.

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