Sharkskin Gloves - A Lasting Impression
Posted on July 29, 2013 by

The Last Gloves You’ll Ever Wear

These fitted gloves made from the skin of a basking shark might look warm and comforting, but they come with a huge price tag (€720.00), and a very serious commitment. Much as the name suggests these gloves will leave “a lasting impression” on anyone who dares to put them on. Inside the unlined gloves are hundreds, if not thousands, of mic-rose thorns all slanted inward. Should you ever attempt to remove the gloves the thorns will tear the flesh from your hands like a thousand fishhooks.

Sharkskin Gloves - A Lasting Impression

Sruli Recht Sharkskin Gloves – “The ultimate and final commitment.”

Name That Fish
Posted on May 2, 2013 by

Name That Fish!

This exotic fish may be native to southeast asia, but would you believe there’s one place in the United States where you can catch one right along side a largemouth bass. While they’re most commonly found here in aquariums many misinformed owners don’t realize they can grow up to 40″ and weigh over 10 pounds. Sources believe that when the fish got too big or too expensive to feed they were illegally released into the local water system.

Name That Fish

Can you name that fish? If so we’ve got a three pack of WE FISHIN’ MANE stickers for you!

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