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Happy Father’s Day 2015!

Father’s Day has always been a special day to me, even before I was a dad. I didn’t knew my dad very well, but one thing I did know about him was that he was a hell of a fisherman. Throughout the 1970’s he was a skipper for a fishing boat called the Bahari. A lot of big fish were caught on that boat, but this yellowfin tuna was probably the most famous as it stood for a time as a world record.

I have few keepsakes of my dad, but the most prized of all is his old photo album showing off the fish he, his clients and his friends caught long before I was born. I never grow tired of looking through that album and conjuring up Hemingway-esque stories about each fish.

Skipper Martin Mathias (far right) and Sue Gallibrand stand beside the women’s world record tuna. Grenada, 1976

Don’t forget to hug your dad!

World Record Brown Bullhead or Possible Hybrid
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Help Identify This Potential World Record Catfish

Executives at have reached out for help in identifying this new potential world record. The fish (14 pounds, 28 inches) looks like a brown bullhead catfish, however the images (additional photo after the break) are very poor, and there are some that question if it could be a hybrid channel or blue catfish.

World Record Brown Bullhead or Possible Hybrid

So what do you think, is it a brown bullhead or a hybrid? Leave a comment and let us know.

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World Record Common Carp from Hungary (101lb)
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Hungary For Carp Over 100 Pounds?

That’s right! If you’re a die-hard carp fisherman you probably have dreams of epic fishing destinations in Europe for massive carp. But did you know that Hungary is home to 3 of the 4 European world records for carp? It’s true. In fact it’s one of the few places where you could catch over a hundred of pounds of carp in a single day, let alone on a single fish!

Check out these two amazing, and current, world records from Hungary.

World Record Common Carp from Hungary (101lb) World Record Grass Carp from Hungary (89lb)

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The Largest Lake Trout Ever Caught Through the Ice

It’s not every day that you catch a 46 inch lake trout. It’s even rarer to catch one through the ice, but that’s exactly what Bruce Sederberg did back in mid January! This massive lake trout is the largest ever caught through the ice on a rod and reel!

Caught in White Otter Lake, just northwest of Atikokan, Ontario.

Caught in White Otter Lake, just northwest of Atikokan, Ontario.

Neither angler had a measuring tape. Wanting to get the fish back into the lake as soon as possible, Sederberg laid the behemoth in a fresh patch of snow and made impressions at the tips of its nose and tail. “There are fish to eat and fish to release. I knew right away while fighting this fish that as soon as I landed it, she would go right back in.”

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