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GoFish Camera Kickstarter

I’ve always been a fan of underwater fishing footage. I even started making my own housing to put my GoPro in, but this little camera looks like a much better idea at a fraction of the cost of a GoPro.

With 275 backers and only 24 days ago, this project is very close to being fully funded. I have personally pledged money to this project and I am pumped to see the final product. If you want to fund this project and get your own GoFish Camera, visit Kickstarter!

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Hello Lily

There is no shortage of cool drones out there these days, but the Lily camera has taken many of the best features and combines them into one cute little package. This happy little drone will follow its user around but can also be controlled via a your cell phone. I can already see huge potential for filming our fishing adventures!

Typically a good quality drone will cost well over $1000, but Lily is now available for pre-order at $599 until July 15th.

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Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada Now Open!

Yesterday was a big day for the city of Toronto. A new 12,500 square-metre (135,000 square-foot) aquarium with more than 5.7 million litres (1.5 million gallons) of water was finally opened. Located in the shadow of the CN Tower, the aquarium promises to be a huge tourist attraction. The Aquarium of Canada was originally supposed to open more than a month ago, but was delayed until yesterday. Tickets for the attraction are not cheap ($30 per adult), but a 365 day pass can be purchased for only $100.

Ripley's Aquarium Toronto

View the Aquarium of Canada website for more details.

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The Latest GoPro Is Here And It’s Smaller Than Ever

You are no doubt familiar with the GoPro brand by now, if you’re not, they are simply the best small action cameras on the planet. With the release of the GoPro Hero3 last year, we were left wondering what tricks they would come up with next. Last week, the new GoPro Hero3+ has been unleashed, and the little camera that could, just got even smaller (20% smaller) and more powerful.

Three new mounts were also revealed, including a new junior chest harness and flex clamp.

New GoPro mounts

Check out the official GoPro site to see all the improvements the Hero3+ has to offer.

Want more? Check out the Hero3+ review on

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