Rainbow Trout Close-Up
Posted on November 21, 2011 by

Trout Fishing In Cobourg, Ontario- Part 2

Last weekend a few friends and I spent the weekend in Cobourg so that we could dedicate some serious time hunting the surrounding rivers and streams in search of trout. Our usual spot was void of trout, but we ventured further upstream and found several other pools. You can read the full report on our forums and view all the photos in our gallery.

Big Smallie Tackle - High Quality Handmade Hair Jigs
Posted on November 14, 2011 by

Big Smallie Tackle – First Impressions

We’ve mentioned Big Smallie Tackle before when we compared them to Rockstar Lures, and no they’re not actually related in any way other than being fantastic handmade lures! Big Smallie Tackle are handcrafted hair jigs with “unmatched attention to detail” according to their creator Ryan Lampe and that’s no marketing fluff. Ryan leaves the fluff to his handpicked choice of high quality hair and feathers used to create these fantastic jigs.

I received my small collections of jigs in the mail last week, all individually wrapped in small ziplock bags. Though they came packed nearly flat in the bubble envelope they were shipped in they puffed up very nicely with only a little shake. So far, I’m very impressed with the quality of Big Smallie Tackle’s jigs and I have a feeling these are going to make those Toronto Island spring pike go crazy!

More photos after the break!

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KokeMachine's Rainbow Trout
Posted on November 10, 2011 by

Trout Fishing in Cobourg with KokeMachine & Friends

If you’re not familiar with 4 Eel Fishing and KokeMachine, you should skip lunch and take a refresher course. Last weekend I had the pleasure of meeting and fishing with KokeMachine out in Cobourg, and thanks to our guide Dave everyone landed a fish!

And yes, for the record, KokeMachine sounds exactly like he does in his videos. OH YEAH!!

Here is our guide Dave, no he’s not a real guide, but he’s willing to take people out and teach them float fishing. Which is every bit as good. If you’re interested in float fishing in the Toronto area join our forums and let us know. Unfortunately there is no photo of the rainbow trout I caught, but I can tell you that having finally caught a fish on my float rod I’m hooked! Check out the full gallery after the break!

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