Insect Shield
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Insect Shield – First Impressions

Insect Sheild is an insect repellent technology that is infused into garments with a odorless, long-lasting, effective and convenient personal insect protection. The proprietary process binds the permethrin formula right to the fibers. The process has been proven to repel mosquitoes, ticks, ants, flies, chiggers, and midges (no-see-ums). With companies like Orvis, Tilley, GameHide, L.L. Bean, and more using the Insect Shield technology that’s a pretty good sign that it works.

As you might have guessed, I will be taking this Insect Shield gear to Algonquin National Park, my favorite new proving ground for outdoor gear. The mosquitoes and black flies are in season so we’ll see just how Insect Shield holds up under the pressure.

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Fury Flashback – Little Vermilion

The end of May is a magical time for pike fishing in Ontario, which is why I can show you two awesome pike photos taken on today’s date. The first image is from 2005 when Clive and I first visited Little Vermilion Lake at the recommendation of a good friend. The second image is from our return to Little Vermilion Lake in 2007!

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Swedish FireKnife
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Swedish FireKnife – First Impressions

The Swedish FireKnife (MSRP $30) is the result of a collaboration between Light My Fire and Mora of Sweden. No kidding aside this is a true “You got your peanut butter in my chocolate!” moment. Take a razor-sharp cold-rolled Swedish stainless steel Morakinv Companion F knife combined with a unique locking handle and hidden powerful magnesium Swedish FireSteel and you’ve got yourself one hell of a camping knife!

I will be testing this, and several other outdoor products, next week on a back country camping trip in Algonquin Park. Stay tuned for the full review and continue reading for more photos of the Swedish FireKnife.

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ThermaCELL Lantern
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ThermaCELL Lantern – First Impressions

ThermaCELL Lantern is a lightweight portable, butane-operated, area insect repellent that is up to 98% effective at repelling mosquitos, black files, and other flying insects. The lantern works by using a butane cartridge to disperse allethrin in to the air, creating a 15′x15′ bug free zone. Each allethrin mat provides up to four hours of protection and each butane cartridge provides up to 12 hours of operation. In addition the lantern features several LEDs to provide ambient light powered by two AA batteries. The batteries and light are not required for the bug repelling features as both features work independently. The ThermaCELL Lantern operates without any open flame and is 100% DEET free.

With a trip planned for Algonquin Park just around the corner this couldn’t be a better time and place to put this ThermaCELL Lantern to the test. Stay tuned for the full review!

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