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Catch Magazine #24

Catch Magazine is back again with yet another great edition! There’s also an editorial about fly fishing on the Baja. They even mention La Paz, the city Clive and I lived for a year. We didn’t do any fly fishing, but we did catch Wahoo, Tuna, Snapper, Roosterfish, even a marlin! The story and photos of blue skies, green water, and red salsa really take me back. Enjoy!

Luka Opacic with a 17 pound Toronto harbour carp
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Fishing is Back on the Harbourfront

I know this is a few weeks old now, but it’s still very important to follow-up on this issue and so I’m compelled to post. I also feel bad for not making time to complete this while I was on vacation. If you’ve read about the recent ban on fishing along the Harbourfront here in Toronto then you’ll be happy to know that the city folded and the signs have been removed! Some friends and active members of our forums all met up near to Toronto Island ferry docks to fish and celebrate the lifting of the ban. The Toronto Sun was even on hand when Luka Opacic landed this nice 17 pound carp!

We had really hoped to make this a multi-species event, but the pike never showed and though we did see some other species, none hooked up. Even with only one fish landed the trip was a true success and celebration of the wonderful fishing opportunities to be had in our great city. Lots of people stopped to ask us what we were fishing for, what kind of bait we were using, and of course if we were planning on eating our catch. The fish along the Harbourfront are safe to eat according to the Ministry of Natural Resources, but we’re all avid catch-and-release fishermen.

The TRCA event at the Gladstone Hotel held the night before was fantastic. The crowd was pumped because of the recent ban and you could tell many anglers were very upset, but I didn’t see any torches or pitchforks. Instead the conversation was focused and intelligent. Councillor Paula Fletcher was on hand and promised (to the best of her abilities) that she would get the signs removed- and later that night she did!

Some of the statistics thrown around at the event were absolutely mind-boggling when you begin to understand just how enormous the recreational fishing industry is. For example, more people in Canada fish than play golf and hockey combined! Or that anglers spend as much as the national beer sales! The biggest surprise for me was when professional angler David Chong mentioned Fishing Fury and our coverage of the event, and more specifically the outraged thread that was created on our forums that even caught the eyes of City Hall, the MNR, the TPA, and HarbourFront Centre.

I would like to thank Councillor Paula Fletcher, Councillor Adam Vaughan, the TRCA, David Chong, Wil Wegman, Chris Robinson, Satyendra Bhavsar, the Gladstone Hotel, the Toronto Sun, David Clark, David Kearney, and all the members of our forums that helped by writing and calling.

I’d say that we can all raise a pint to a mission accomplished, but I wouldn’t call this over just yet.

Insect Shield
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Insect Shield – First Impressions

Insect Sheild is an insect repellent technology that is infused into garments with a odorless, long-lasting, effective and convenient personal insect protection. The proprietary process binds the permethrin formula right to the fibers. The process has been proven to repel mosquitoes, ticks, ants, flies, chiggers, and midges (no-see-ums). With companies like Orvis, Tilley, GameHide, L.L. Bean, and more using the Insect Shield technology that’s a pretty good sign that it works.

As you might have guessed, I will be taking this Insect Shield gear to Algonquin National Park, my favorite new proving ground for outdoor gear. The mosquitoes and black flies are in season so we’ll see just how Insect Shield holds up under the pressure.

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Fury Flashback – Little Vermilion

The end of May is a magical time for pike fishing in Ontario, which is why I can show you two awesome pike photos taken on today’s date. The first image is from 2005 when Clive and I first visited Little Vermilion Lake at the recommendation of a good friend. The second image is from our return to Little Vermilion Lake in 2007!

Continue to our Little Vermilion 2005 gallery

Continue reading our Little Vermilion 2007 report

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