Toronto Sportsman’s Show

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Meet the new Abu Garcia REVO MHX-SHS ($349.99 MSRP). This reel packs a whopping 7.9:1 gear ratio into a compact design built around Abu Garcia’s X-Mag alloy frame and C6 carbon side plates producing an almost unthinkable ultra-lightweight (5.4oz) low profile reel. To put that into perspective, the smallest Quantum EXO PT bait caster weighs in at 5.9oz.


I had the pleasure of playing with this reel at the Toronto Sportsman’s Show and it’s on my list of reels I want to own. Unfortunately, it is only available in a right-handed version at this time.

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Toronto Sportsmens Show
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Toronto Sportsman’s Show 2013

The 2013 Toronto Sportsman’s Show is just around the corner, and this year it promises it will be bigger and better than ever! This year’s event will be held at the Direct Energy Center, Exhibition Place, running from February 7th to 10th. We’ll be there documenting this event and looking for some deals!

Toronto Sportsmen's Show

One feature you won’t want to miss is the Berkley School of Walleye Fishing. Berkley Pro and full-time guide, Sheldon Hatch, will be hosting the show.

Visit to save $3 off the price of an adult admission for a limited time.

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Chris McMillan – First New Contributor of 2010

Chris McMillan is our first addition to the contributors list for 2010. Chris is a friend of a friend, that came to me with serious recommendation. While Chris and I had never met before the event, after a full day of working together and shooting, the event it was pretty clear to me that Chris is just as into photography and videography as we are in to fishing. He has the fury. For those interested Chris was shooting the event on a Nikon D700, with full frame CCD. Some very serious gear. I’m definitely hoping that we can work together again in the future, perhaps on some video next time.

Chris McMillanChris McMillan
Chris McMillan is a photographer, videographer, movie buff, and all around eccentric person. He enjoys shooting time lapse photography and exploring the different aspects of still photography. Chris is what you might call a “photography nerd”, he is very knowledgable on the technical science of photography and his understanding of light and optics allows him to create almost any desired effect. Chris is also big fan of practical applications of those skills and camera effects to come up with solutions in the field. Chris is based out of Burlington but works across the GTA and Ontario. To see more of Chris’ work visit his website Partners In Rum.

Chris’ Contributions: Event photography for the 2010 Toronto Sportsmen’s Show

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Sportsmans Trophy Plaque – The Perfect Gift

I saved one of my favorite posts for last, I only apologize that it took me the week to publish it. This is my final post about the Toronto Sportsmen’s Show, and as a final impression of the event and the people I met while I was there this was truly the icing on the cake. While touring the multi-leveled event I was caught off guard in line for the escalator. What at first glance I thought was an outfitters booth turned out to be something entirely unexpected.

Photo credit: Chris McMillan

Jordan Gooderham is the owner and creator of the Sportsmans Trophy Plaque, a personalized keepsake that you will proudly display in your home, office, or cottage. You might even hang it from your necklace like Flavor Flav. A perfect is example is this great musky hunter plaque of Sportsmans Trophy Plaque associate David Ingrassia who was on hand to snap a photo complete with plaque.

Photo credit: Chris McMillan

Photo credit: Chris McMillan

These plaques are the perfect gift for the person who has everything, I can guarantee you they have nothing like this, and your personal touches of photos and text make it one-of-a-kind. The applications for such a plaque goes beyond fishermen and hunters, and even with only a few templates Jordan has a proven that he can embue these plaques with emotion and intrigue. Making them as priceless as the memories that forged them.

Photo credit: Chris McMillan

I really think this is the perfect gift for the today’s digital-era catch and release fisherman. You can choose from several templates, upload your photos, and you’ve got a unique personalized gift for only $95. For the fisherman that takes home nothing more than photos, this brings those digital memories and experiences into the physical world where they can be displayed for all to see- where they belong.

It probably goes without saying that these plaques also make great awards to honour and recognize volunteers, members, and employees. I’m certainly not overlooking that application. In fact, I’m seriously considering making one of these awards the prize for our top 2010 contributors. Stay tuned for details!

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