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Baffin Titan -100 Extreme Cold Boot First Impressions

Nothing can ever wash away the rancid tang from the mouth of the ice angler who has had their boot filled to the ankles with ice water on their first step onto a solid lake in winter. Oftentimes that pristine freshly fallen snow hides beneath it the day-ruining monster known to the common man as slush. Throughout the winter and especially late in the season thaws can bring about a thick layer of the nasty stuff on top of the frozen lake. It’s not often immediately apparent and is usually only discovered by the feel of liquid nitrogen hitting your toes.

Baffin Titans -100c

Even when you are wearing your fancy super warm snow boots if they are only waterproof up to the rubber sole you will be vigorously screwed by slush. Luckily one only needs to be screwed once or twice by these conditions before they join the more enlightened anglers who opt for winter foot ware that resemble and function much like your summer time rubbers. Unlike the rubbers of summer the Baffin Titans contain a space aged liner that the company claims can withstand temperatures as low as -100C. That combined with the fact that they cover you with waterproof protection all the way to the top of the boot had me sold on this pair of extreme weather gear instantly. These boots retail for a little over $100 but if they save me from the slush beast only once they will be well worth it. When you first step into these beauties it feels like you’re getting a warm hug on the foot. So far I have high hopes. Look for a product update as this hard water season unfolds.

Fishing Camp- The Game
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Review Roundup

Check out these two new product reviews we’ve just posted and stay tuned for more reviews already in the pipeline. As always if you make, sell, or just plain love a product and think we should review it, contact us and let us know!

Fishing Camp The Game

Fishing Camp- The GameFishing Camp is an educational trivia-based board game for the whole family made by Education Outdoors. The game retails for $24.99 USD, supports up to eight players at once, and has challenging trivia questions for novices and experts alike. Education Outdoors also makes several other outdoor related games about camping, hunting, even cryptozoology, and donates a percentage of their profits to organizations geared toward educating children and families about the great outdoors.

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Swedish FireKnife

Swedish FireKnifeThe Swedish FireKnife is a tool that was given to us for review, and so I ran it through its paces on my previous trip to Algonquin Park. It’s a collaboration between Mora, a Swedish knife company, and Light My Fire, who primarily make flints and firestarters. This is a sturdy-looking knife, a practical size, has a solid sheath, and as a bonus has a flint in the handle. The Swedish FireKnife retails for about $30 USD and is available in four different colours.

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Fresh Fishing Reviews

Today we’re serving up three fresh fishing reviews and we’ve got plenty more on the way. I’m really hoping to knockout a backlog of these before bass season opens! If you’re looking for fishing reports and shorter updates be sure to check out our forums for more great content.

Where The Yellowstone Goes

Where the Yellowstone Goes

Where The Yellowstone Goes is a film directed by Hunter Weeks that captures just about everything I love about great wilderness adventures and like any good adventure, or any good documentary for that mater, you often find what you least expected. Drifting down the Yellowstone through mesmerizing backdrops from the urban to the rural, from pristine to the contaminated, the 30-day voyage would take the team from Gardiner, Montana, to where the Yellowstone meets the Missouri River in North Dakota. Continue Reading…

Dizm Eco Eyewear

Dizm Eyewear Eco Collection - Dempsey (men's)

Dizm Eyewear is a relatively small company born on Hermosa Beach, California in 2009 with the aspirations of creating environmentally conscious products that bridge the gap between action sports and fashion. They’re well-known in the surfing and skateboarding community, but chances are many fishermen have never heard of this quality brand. Continue Reading…

CamJam by Nite Ize

Nite Ize's CamJam

Nite Ize may be more well-known for their flashlight and LED accessories, but they also produce a variety of innovative outdoor gear that’s sure to fill the void in any adventurer’s kit. One such product is the CamJam, a custom carabiner that locks securely in place and can be tightened by pulling the cord rigged through the back and held in place by a spring-loaded cam. Continue Reading…

Fishing Camp Game
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Fishing Camp The Game – First Impressions

Fishing Camp is a fishing trivia board game from Education Outdoors aimed to please the whole family. Supporting up to eight players as young as four years old, the game separates trivia questions into four levels. Level one questions are simple, like identifying fish species or fishing tackle. The difficulty increases up to level four where many questions will test even the most seasoned anglers. Some trivia cards feature winnable items like fish species that you “catch” by getting the question right, or a GPS unit that allows you to take a shortcut. The first person back to the dock with their catch wins!

Fishing Camp Game

We’ve played several rounds here at Fishing Fury HQ and the level four questions have stumped even us on a few occasions. We think it’s fun, and you could probably play a game with just the trivia cards if you were on a road trip. But the true test will be when we call in the toughest critics we could find- the youtube generation. We’re even prepared to stage a blackout to make sure there are no distractions. We’ll be back with the full review just as soon as power is restored!

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