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I took a trip to Islamorada, Florida with family and friends for a fishing extravaganza in June 2010. We fished day and night for Tarpon, Swordfish, Dorado, Permit, and more. In all, we caught 15 different species of fish on the trip. On our third day out, I hooked up with this Permit which re-calibrated my idea of what fighting a fish is. The epic battle took 35 minutes. I instantly knew this fish deserved to be mounted. So that is what I did. Now, I can remember that trip and that epic adventure every time I look at my wall!

Date: June 17, 2010
Weather: Beautiful
Species: Permit
Size: 45” (50 lbs)
Location: Caught on the Atlas Wreck, Islamorada, Florida Keys

My trophy was caught on a 9’ Star rod w/ Fin Nor Offshore Spinning Reel with 30 lb Spectra and a 60 lb fluorocarbon leader tipped with a 7/0 Gamagatsu Octopus Circle Hook.

– Kelly Zimny

Congrats on the catch Kelly, that’s definitely a trophy permit! Thank you for your entry in our 2010 Contributor Contest! We’ll be sending you a copy of Fins + Skins magazine for your efforts!

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The crew at World Angling are without a doubt at the top of their game when it comes to creating awesome fishing videos. We’ve featured several of their videos in the past, and with footage like this, we’ll definitely be featuring them again in the future!

Supernatural by WorldANGLING: Saltwater Fly Fishing for Tarpon from WorldANGLING on Vimeo.

“Early in 2010 an eerie drama was unfolding in South Florida. The winter had brought record low temperatures, worrisome fish kills, and questions about the the future. Uncertainty and nervousness consumed many connected to the ocean. When Spring finally emerged, things were still strange. By April, we were at a tipping point. The ominous threat of the Deepwater Horizon disaster was creeping closer and closer. Everything was on the edge. It felt as if a threat from another world was bearing down. We were being invaded… Then, out of the chaos and confusion came hope– carried by silver beings…lots of them.”

more via Worldangling.com

* Update: Sorry it looks like the video isn’t available for embedding, so you’ll have to watch it on vimeo.

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