Honolulu Fish Auction
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The Honolulu Fish Auction

If you’ve ever dreamed about a vacation to Japan and the famous Tsukiji fish market but can’t afford the plane ticket, I’ve got the second best option and it’s right here in the United States. The Honolulu fish auction is a mind blowing fish market right here at home and is one of the only places* in the United States where you will see fresh tuna for sale. Check out this awesome feature from Coty Gonzales and Exploration Hawaii.

Arrive early and experience the intense madness. The fishing boats begin unloading their catch at Pier 38 in the early morning at 1:00am. Each fish is then inspected by a United Fishing Agency staff member to make sure that seafood safety standards are met. The catch is then put on plastic pallets, covered with ice, and displayed on the auction room floor. Imagine an entire warehouse floor, the length of which is lined with rows of large tuna. The sight of such enormous amounts of fish is a bit surreal and can be very thought provoking.

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* As CBeigel pointed out there are also fish markets in Maine that sell fresh tuna, so if you can’t even afford the flight to Hawaii, Maine is the next best option.

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