Marlin VS Boat
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Marlin VS Boat

There’s no doubt that marlin fishing can be some of the most dangerous big-game fishing out there. We’ve seen huge marlin jump right into the boat, several times, but I don’t think we’ve seen a boat capsized by one before.

Marlin VS Boat

Apparently the captain was “backing down”, a common practice where that captain puts the boat in reverse at full throttle to chase a running fish, when he fell and the boat took on too much water and sank. MARLIN WINS!

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Throwback Thursday

It’s that day of the week where we go back through our archives and dust off some old gems. This is more than just housekeeping. We’re adding new content and images you’ve never seen before! This week we have two fantastic fishing reports from 2005 when Clive and I were both living and fishing in La Paz, Mexico. Stay tuned for more throwback updates in the coming weeks!

Beginner’s Luck, Gracefully Out-Fished by a Novice

Beginners Luck, Gracefully Out-Fished by a NoviceIt’s been difficult finding fishing partners in La Paz since Clive left for the British Virgin Islands. I’ve some found people willing to go, but not after they find out we leave Fishermen’s Fleet at 5am. There’s not many people interested in waking up hours before the sun in the land of cheap cerveza, but I managed to convince Mike Brum and Philip Barbosa. Promising them an unforgettable experience before they went to bed, I set the alarm for 4AM.

I made sure to find out how much time they needed to get ready since I’m generally awake and out the door in 5 minutes for any situation. To my surprise everyone was sticking to the plan. I thought for sure I would lose at least one of them since there are only two chairs in the panga boat, but they were both awake and ready in no time. We arrived at Fishermen’s Fleet and headed upstairs for some coffee and breakfast. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw how many people were waiting. It would take four huge vans to shuttle us to La Ventana.

My First Marlin by Rachel Larratt

My First Marlin by Rachel LarrattAs all deep-sea fishing trips begin, we were up bright and early. It was almost 10 am as we reached the dock carrying loads of beer, margarita supplies and ample amounts of sandwich ingredients. The plan for the day was to head out from Marina Palmira in La Paz out to the area around Espirito Santo. We’d spend some of the day fishing and then a few hours snorkeling with the Sea Lions at the north end of the island.

Our boat for the day was the 38 foot Mediterranean “El Ganador” that we rented from Desea Adventures. It came crewed with our Capitan and our deck hand David. We settled in on the bow with our breakfast for the 45 minutes ride out to the open water.

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600-Pound Marlin Jumps Into Boat

The video below will both shock and amaze you as a 600-pound marlin jumps into the boat damaging just about everything in sight and knocking one of the crew to the floor. The fish got away, but nobody sustained serious injury.

A nice black marlin off Cairns, Australia jumps and lands aboard the “Little Audrey.” The crew was lucky to escape with only minor injuries and the feisty marlin was released. Little Audrey Game fishing Charters

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Every good fly fishing documentary needs a bit of danger and adversity, but I don’t know if getting your passports stolen at knife point on the very first part of your journey is really the danger I was talking about. Nevertheless when faced with this kind of challenge the crew of GEOFISH persevere and keep on fishing!

…A fly fishing exploration from the Pacific Northwest to the bottom of South America…

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